Recently, on average, in the United States organizations spent $1,208 per new employee in order to train them.

Any new employee can expect a period of adaptation. However, it can become a more difficult period if they are not being helped along by their superiors and co-workers. Let’s take a look at why it is important to offer newcomers training and support.

Ideally, the process of being introduced to a new workplace is gradual. The person should learn about the ropes and about the place through a process. Usually, this process can start with the more general introduction that includes practical things like the parking, where the cafeteria are and similar things, as well as general information about the company, for example, its values, mission, history and so on. After this the new employee should receive some training directly related to their functions and meet the new co-workers.

There are several benefits to this method. First of all, it increases the loyalty a person feels towards the company. They are encouraged to feel like a part of the group and the new employees receive a welcome that shows they are a part of the organization. Secondly, it helps reduce adaptation stress. If a person is shown the basics, then it’s likely that they won’t feel lost. Besides, this attitude encourages questions and a quick learning process that is supported by the colleagues and superiors. The person feels more at ease to ask important questions. A third benefit is that it helps reduce mistakes. If a person is shown the ropes when they arrive, they already got an idea of what they are meant to be doing, how they are supposed to be working and how are things done at the workplace. Finally, it helps the newcomer bond with other employees if they are involved in the training process. The person can get to know their colleagues naturally and become more integrated to the team.

In general, training and welcoming new employees’ helps increase their loyalty to the company, reduce the turnover rate, reduce their mistakes and create a better environment and teamwork.

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