Reasons to Join for Students

12 Reasons to Join as a Student

1. Get convenient and inexpensive private tuition services from tutors around the World.
2. Affordable: Tutors around the world makes it very competitive pricing.students_01_hd_picture
3. Flexible hours: Global tutoring provides flexible day and night tutoring hours.
4. In-person or Online: Find tutors everywhere.
5. Find tutors who speak your language.
6. Peer teaching will make you feel comfortable in learning and asking questions in a free style.
7. Get individual attention.
8. Find a tutor for a single assignment/homework or project help.
9. Secure your child’s future through supplemental education, particularly in view of the inadequacies of the formal education system.
10. Don’t stress if your child needs help doing homework and you are not familiar very well with the subjects.
11. Have a tutor who can teach your child in their learning style.
12. Hire a tutor who will know your child’s weaknesses and strengths better and focus on them.


 Educational Concerns as a Parent

– Complaints from your Child’s School:

As a parent you want to choose the best for your child. You strive to make sure that your child acquires the best education. In schools, teachers want students to succeed. Many already spend extra time with struggling students. Unfortunately, the classroom is not designed for individualized tutoring. Most schools offer tutoring, however, this type of tutoring often addresses only immediate needs and does not correct root problems.
Private tutoring can create the best foundation for your child.
94% of parents report an increase in their child’s grades who receive private tutoring. (Average increase of 1-2 full letter grades and 10-15% improvement on test scores – SAT/PSAT, HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, and ACT) Tutored students report an increase in confidence and an improved attitude towards education.

– You Don’t Know Where to find a Private Tutor:

Even if you would like to hire a private tutor, like many parents around the world; you have difficulty finding one. Here at, tutors around the world can help. You should be able to find a qualified tutor for your child’s grade level even in your neighborhood. Nowadays technology makes it even easier to find a virtual tutor from around the world. Think about you or your child learning Chinese with a tutor who is native to the country.


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