Including others in your achievements

It is important to celebrate one's accomplishments. Not recognizing them or downplaying them can be bad for our self-confidence and for the way we present ourselves in the world. However, it can be important to cultivate a sense of gratitude and to include other people who have played a role in our achievements.

This is a well-established tradition. When people receive an award, it's customary to thank the people who have contributed to that achievement, such as family members, friends, teachers and so on. However, even in more mundane circumstances, it can be important to consider the contributions of others to your accomplishments.

This has several advantages. It helps cultivate gratitude, which is a very positive value to have. Gratitude is good for our physical and mental health, because it allows us to see everything positive in our life without taking it for granted. It also helps us keep a more optimistic outlook on life, because we remind ourselves of everything good that has happened. In the case of an achievement, we not only see what we have reached, but also how many people have helped us, cared for us and been an important part of our lives. Giving others credit also helps strengthen relationships, because, on one hand, we are reminded of the importance of other people in our life and those others also see that they are important to us.

In the case of an organizational setting, giving credit becomes especially important. Proper recognition can help boost trust within a team and help improve teamwork. Lack of credit might leave co-workers feeling resentful and unwilling to work together. The manger is the one who can be said to have the most responsibility to acknowledge the contribution of other members, but in general this can be applied to colleagues.

In conclusion, including other people and giving them credit for your accomplishments (without taking merit away from yourself) is important. It can help improve your gratitude, boost relationships and trust, and can be especially beneficial in an organizational setting.

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