Whether you want your website visitors to access to interactive content that you would otherwise not be able to provide them with, to add the location or direction to your organization or you want to offer a visual representation of your business, Google map (GMap) is a powerful and an effective way to get users interested in staying at your destination. It is also helpful to engage the visitors better and creating an interface that is visually rich consequently urge the visitors to interact with you.

Being customizable, these maps are developed to change the several properties as per user’s preferences. GMap Shortcode” is open source software.

How to embed GMap Shortcode

In order to add a map to a page on your website, you simply need to embed the GMap Shortcode.It is not a herculean task at all even a beginner can easily do it. Just copy and paste the shortcode shown to the far right end in the list of your Maps on the Post or Page where you want to display your Map as illustrated in the following image.

In order to join multiple maps into one map, the Map Mashup gives the better way. Following example shows the shortcode for a Map Mashup will look something like this:

                                                                    wpgmza id=\”2\” mashup=true mashup_ids=\”2,3\” parent_id=\”2\”


To join multiple maps into one map,  the IDs of all Maps are included if you want to “mashup” in a comma-separated list. The parent_id indicates the specific map from which the map settings will be drawn for the Map Mashup.

How to Adjust Height/Width

To vary the dimensions, certain parameters needed to be changed in the code like,

                                                                           [gmap_mc lat=”LATITUDE” long=”LONGITUDE” width=”600″ height=”250″]


Width and height are optional but to change the dimensions the required parameters are the Latitude and Longitude. The paramter \”mapwidth\” is used to adjust the zoom factor.

To Enable/Disable directions

If there is a need to use the Map without directions or with directions on a specific Post or Page, the \”enable directions\” parameter needs to be included in the shortcode which further allows its users to enable directions by typing “enable_directions=’1’ \” or disable directions by just turning 1 into zero as “enable_directions=’0’”


After doing the certain cahnges and adjustments to your shortcode, Publish the page/post and you will see the map!

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