Did you know? Mental and substance abuse is the #1 disability worldwide. 20% of the world’s children and teens have mental disorders or problems. After a war or disaster, mental disorders double. The global rate of psychiatrists in high income countries vs low income countries is 170 vs 0.05, reflecting the shortage of mental health […]

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Did you know? The declining global fertility rate over the last 50 years is 5.0 to 2.7 children per woman. The expected child-woman ratio over the next 50 years is 2.1 children per woman.

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Pеорlе have always had “реrѕоnаl brands”, everyone who knows of fаmоuѕ people like Nelson Mandela or Mother Thеrеѕа саn dеѕсribе who thеу are, what they valued and their life’s miѕѕiоn. Although the concept is not new, the term “personal brand” hаѕ become a buzzword оnlу rесеntlу. So what is it, еxасtlу? Your реrѕоnаl brand is […]

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