Write and Earn upto $5

you can earn upto
by writing an easy how to stuff


  • Write any kind of how to’s or helping post for a particular software and/or category listed on our website and save it.
  • Your post will be saved automatically as draft and our team will review it.
  • Our reviewers will decide the final category and permalink for your post.
  • You will be notified once your post will be approved or disapproved so you can make it publish or improve later.
  • On each edit, your post will go through the review process and it can take a few days again to get reviewed.
  • Once your post has been approved so our team will offer you some amount upto $5 according to the content and effort you are putting in. You may accept the offer or deny as well, gradually your content quality get better.
  • You may withdraw your amount to your PayPal or Payoneer cards.
We believe, creative writings cannot be instructed so we are leaving it to you. But give an idea that what exactly we can expect in a tutorial is segmented here. There is no hard and fast rule about and offer made, it will totally depend on the content quality and uniqueness. Plagiarism is highly discouraged.


  • Paragraph or bullets based
  • It can be a quick but useful tip or tutorial


  • Paragraph or bullets based
  • A couple of visual aids and/or screenshots etc.
  • Any publicly shared video embedding


  • A comprehensive tutorial including images and videos
  • A code/script example to help better

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