Why Reading Matters

Reading matters, in every aspect of life. Reading expands the minds and helps a person dream. A mother who knows how to read and does read to her young children stimulates their minds and builds a strong family bond. A child can have their imagination opened up as they read about faraway places and far away people. Places they may aspire to visit when they grow up.


Reading is the entire foundation of learning. When a person knows how to read, the whole world opens up to them and nothing is impossible. Inventor, builder, healer, protector, captain a mighty ship or lead a great family.

People they want to meet or pattern their lives after can be found in the pages of a book. Where would we be today without the likes of Thomas Edison, Madam Curry, Jonas Salk and the host of other great innovators, stars, and inventors and self-less leaders who came before us? Their stories can all be read about in a book, but only if you can read.


Reading matters. Always has, always will.

A leader can’t lead unless they can read. An actor can’t act unless they can read. A singer or musician must know how to read. The nightly news reporter who comes into your home via the airways of television must know how to read in order to keep you and millions of other informed on the latest news. Discovering the local news and going-on in your community through your local paper would be impossible if you didn’t know how to read.


Reading enhances communication between people. Communication builds confidence. Confidence leads to success. The ability to read helps a person become self-confident.

Knowing how to read allows one to navigate through uncharted territory in life because you can take with you the power of words. The ability to read the signs along the road of life that alert you to danger, tell you when to walk and when to stop.


You read this because someone taught you that reading matters.

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