Why is it important to transfer knowledge?

We live in a world of information. Today, more than ever, we have an unprecedented capacity of sharing what we create, learn and establish with others through the Internet. We can communicate with people from all over the world and make our knowledge available for them to learn from. However, why is it important that we transfer our knowledge to others?

The world is undergoing a quick process of globalization, that is, we are more closely connected than ever before. Today, there is a real possibility to help people from all over the world to benefit from the knowledge base that is being developed everywhere. Different people can contribute to that knowledge base and anyone can learn from it. Transferring knowledge from one person to another allows many individuals to reap the benefits, to communicate it to others and to share the knowledge.

For example, positive psychology is a relatively recent branch of psychology. However, it is a branch that many professionals have tried to share with others. Since positive psychology focuses on the study of happiness, sharing their achievements and knowledge about how a person can improve their life helps many people improve their lives. What is more, each person who benefits from their knowledge can further share that knowledge, helping more and more individuals.

For many centuries different countries were cut off from each other. People in Australia had no idea what people in Egypt were doing and vice versa. So, positive developments could take years to reach the other side of the planet. Now we can share our knowledge quickly and efficiently, an arrangement that benefits us all.

In general, transferring knowledge in today's world is very important. It would seem that as we become more connected, we can also do more to help each other and together to build a joint base of knowledge.

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