Most of the self-hosted WordPress websites particularly the ones selling something, provide the online chat option on their front page. The biggest cause to have such an option (plugin) is to assist the website\’s visitors in terms of all those required information that may not present there. With the professionals of their website in real time as long as someone is present there for online chat it helps to engage the audience and website visitors, eventually increases the sales.

It also helps others on some cause even there is nothing to sell because it may still a good idea to have online support on your website.

Live Chat By OggFlow

When someone wishes to have an online chat option, question arises
                                                                                             What is the best live chat Plugin for WordPress?

It is somewhat a hard question to answer because there are tons of Plugins, probably hundreds or so. Each one has its own advantages but when there is need to pick up the best one, the OggFlow live chat plugin gets more attention.  Being a powerful customer service suite with 3rd party integrators to email and social networks, it provides the team collaboration and Email ticketing. It is the combination of several softwares, which include Liva Chat, Customer service, Emails, Facebook feeds, Social media, Ticketing etc.  For one member, the live chat widget for OggFlow is always free.

How To Configure the Live Chat Plugin

It needs an OggFlow account. If you do not have account you can easily sign up at 
OggFlow offers 30 days premium trail. After this, the first member is always free. Following steps clear the picture of using and installing this Plugin.
1- After signing up the OggFlow account, log in to WordPress Admin and search for the plugin \”oggflow\” and install it.
2- Copy the Chat widget key from the OggFlow live chat section under general settings under general settings in your OggFlow account to the plugin.

How to Setup Gmail Forward to OggFlow

You can setup dedicate Gmail folders from your account to automatically sync to OggFlow. Respond to customer service inquires directly from OggFLow. In OggFlow, select Gmail under the connectors section and follow the instructions.

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