Characteristics of Generation Mature/Silents

They went through their determinative years during a time of overpowering conformity, but also during the postwar happiness such as peace, jobs, suburbs, Rock ‘n Roll, Television and Cars!
Major Characteristics
  • Vietnam and Korean War generation.
  • Well-ordered, self-sacrificing, and cautious.
  • Pre-feminism women; they stayed home usually to raise children; if they worked it was only certain jobs like teacher, secretary or nurse.
  • Men assured loyalty to the corporation, once they got a job; they commonly kept it for life.
  • The richest, most free spending retirees in history.
  • Marriage was for life; divorce and having children out of wedlock were not acknowledged.
  • “Retirement” means to sit in a rocking chair and live the final days in peace.
  • The severest teacher complaints in grade school were about passing notes and chewing gum in class.
  • They are eager readers, especially newspapers.
  • Concrete sense of trans-generational common values and near-absolute truths.

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