Characteristics of Baby Boomers

Although their mothers were generally housewives, accountable for all children rearing, women of this generation started working outside the home in record numbers, in so doing changing the whole nation as this was the first generation to have their children raised in a two-income homes where mothers was not omnipresent. They are the first generation who has used the word “retirement” to mean being able to enjoy life after the children have all grown up and left home. Instead of sitting in a rocking chair, they exercise and take up other hobbies.
Major Characteristics
  • One of the largest generations in history with 77 million people.
  • Also called the “me” generation.
  • Self-centered and self-righteous.
  • “Rock and roll” music generation.
  • Use credit for buying it now.
  • The first TV generation.
  • The first divorce generation, where divorce was starting to be accepted as a bearable reality.
  • Team-oriented, optimistic and ambitious.
  • See technology and innovation as requiring a learning process.
  • Have a tendency to be more positive about authority, hierarchical structure and tradition.

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