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Ziteboard is a standalone online web whiteboard service with real-time collaboration. With Ziteboard, you have infinite space to work on with your team in real-time regardless the device you use – a zoomable, vector-based, shared online whiteboard, which works on any device without needing to download anything. This combination of existing services in a single product is only available through our technology. Google Drive has the solution for documents and spreadsheets, and Ziteboard has it for visual communication.

Public speakers, freelancers, designers, developers, teachers, managers, consultants as well as creative agencies use this infinite canvas to collaborate and discuss daily, to brainstorm and to see the big picture, a system design or a workflow. Using Ziteboard results in shorter and more effective meetings and better communication. Customer feedback states its quality in complementing both PowerPoint and Prezi presentations.

Design any workflow, wireframe, prototype. Explain, sketch, teach anything. Do all this without downloading or installing anything and do it for free forever on any device.
Use this visual collaboration platform just as tens of thousands of remote teams, developers, designers do for meetings, project planning or customer communication.

Boost any meeting, brainstorm, presentation, tutoring or training. Whiteboard with friends and colleagues across time zones regardless the device they have.
It’s much easier to work together with a client rather than sending tens of emails and attaching different versions of the same visual or image file. Drag and drop any image or photo to the canvas and mark it up in real time. Share concepts, projects and work on them until they’re ready.

= With Ziteboard’s Share to View method you can create a view-only whiteboard. =

See: [What does Share to View mean?](https://ziteboard.com/faq#publish)
This plugin enables you to embed a published, view-only whiteboard into your webpage.

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