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Make your recipes SEO-friendly and rank higher in [Google’s Recipe View]( search. No need to hand-code your recipes into a sophisticated recipe structure when the Zip Recipes plugin will do all the heavy lifting for you, enhancing the findability of your recipe website.


**Watch the video Brief Intro to Zip Recipes WordPress Plugin above.**

The video shows:

* Examples of beautiful recipes created with Zip Recipes plugin
* How easy it is to create recipes
* How Google will display your recipes when you use Zip Recipes plugin

If you’re familiar with ZipList Recipe plugin, built by ZipList, you’ll quickly note that Zip Recipe plugin is an extension of this plugin and it is 100% compatible with it. The Zip Recipes plugin is very easy to use, however, we also provide enhanced [step-by-step instructions]( for your recipe blog.

> #### Zip Recipes Premium
> Zip Recipes premium has the following features:
> Automatic Nutrition Calculator.
> 5 Gorgeous Recipe Card Designs.
> Recipe Picture Gallery Grid.
> Visitor Recipe Ratings.
> Author setting.
> Recipe index.
> Speed Improvement.
> Priority Email Support.
> And much more….
> [Learn more about Zip Recipes premium >>](

= Features =

Here are just some of our features, free to use right now:

**Add Links inside your Ingredients and Instructions and other fields:** Attach affiliate links or links to related recipes from the Ingredients, Instructions or Summary fields with ease. Some other plugins charge for this basic feature!

**Schema Recipe Support:** Automatically integrate’s Recipe mark-up into your recipe posts to make them easier to find by people searching for recipes. Zip Recipes support’s the JSON-LD format which Google recommends. It also supports the older format used by Pinterest.

**Superior Architecture:** No Custom Post Type to mess with. Create your recipes right inside a Post.

**Recipe Image Support:** Easily add recipe image using Media Library to appear with your recipe.

**Google AMP Support:** Accelerated Mobile Pages will load your recipes really quickly through Google.

**Copy/Paste Recipe Ingredients:** Simply cut a block of recipe ingredients and paste them into one field. No need to add each recipe ingredient one by one into separate recipe ingertient fields.

**Auto-Populate Recipe Name:** The recipe name is automatically replicated inside the plugin, taking the name from the recipe post name, which further enhances SEO.

**Bold and Italicized Styling for your Recipe:** Add bold or italicized styling to words or phrases within the Recipe Ingredients, Instructions, Summary and Notes sections.

**Incorporate Recipe Images into Instructions:** Now you can easily add step-by-step images to your instructions (or ingredients) from within the recipe plugin.

**Recipe Notes Field:** Add notes to your recipes, such as optional ingredients, required kitchen tools and equipment and/or additional instructions (e.g., freezing, microwave, etc.)

**Enhanced Recipe Printing Capabilities:** Add a copyright statement or URL to appear at the bottom of your printed recipes. Also, display a permalink at the bottom of printed recipes so users can easily find individual recipes on your website.

**Multiple Paragraph Support in Summary Section of a Recipe:** Users can now add multiple paragraphs to the Summary field within the recipe plugin.

**Ability to Print Recipes with Images:** Flexible settings that allow you to enable/disable image printing or image displaying

**Your Recipes Belong to You:** Unlike some other recipe plugins, we don’t steal your recipes or use them in any way in our website.

**Tested and Reviewed by WordPress Team for Quality:** Zip Recipes has been reviewed by a member of WordPress to ensure it meets quality standards.

**Support for Your Language:** 100% of the recipe card can be your language.

**Supports Blogs with Multiple Languages:** You can now have recipes in different languages in the same blog!

Currently we have translations for:

* Albanian
* Arabic
* French
* Finnish
* German
* Greek
* Italian
* Russian
* Serbian
* Spanish
* Polish
* Portuguese (Brazilian)
* Is your language missing from this list? No problem, [email us and help us translate Zip Recipes!](

**Easy installation process:** We don’t require complex permissions to be set.

**Works with WordPress 4.8:** Updated for full compatibility with WordPress 4.8.

**Support for PHP 7:** Fully supports the latest and greatest PHP version!

The Zip Recipes plugin is very easy to use, however, we also provide enhanced [step-by-step instructions]( If you’re having trouble with Zip Recipes plugin or just want to say hello, [please email us at](! We’d love to hear from you!

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