You can use this plugin to spice up your blog with video posts. Simply start by creating a new post, click on the *Record Video* button and take a video of yourself. It’ll then be shown to your audience once your post goes live.

You can also invite people to leave video comments. Folks will have the option to either leave a traditional text comment or take a short video of themselves that’ll be viewable by everybody on your site.

The plugin is based on the Ziggeo API which allows you to integrate video recording and playback with only two lines of code in your site, service or app.

= Why Ziggeo? =

Ziggeo video playback and recording is built upon its own framework which allows you to record and play videos on various platforms without thinking about the video type specific to browsers or technology available on platform while in the same time unifying the design of your video player and recorder.

Ziggeo is designed to do that using same calls and methods while our backend works out all of the specifics for you. And plugin? Well, plugin just packs the power of Ziggeo and allows you to have the same on your WordPress website in just few clicks, regardless if you are looking for video recorder, video player or video gallery.

= Support =

We provide active support to all that have any questions or need any assistance with our plugin or our service.
To submit your questions simply go to our [Help Center](https://support.ziggeo.com/hc/en-us)

= Recording =

You control the length of the videos, the tags associated with the same (by default we pre-set the tags to “wordpress”, username of the submitter as reported by WordPress and (new) where the video was made – “post”/”comment” )

Recordings can be processed on our end to include any effects or filters that you have previously set, while you are still using only few lines of human readable short codes.

Recording videos is as simple as:


– This will load our default video recorder and if any defaults are set through plugin, they would be used.

If you create template with name ‘mytemplate’, which includes video_profile, effects_profile, width, height and tags, instead of these few lines:



You can simply use the following, even shorter call:

[ziggeo mytemplate]

= Playback =

You just tell us the video that you wish to play and how you want it to look – full customization possible – allowing your videos to blend into your WordPress website and to amaze your website visitors.

A sample of your video player call was as simple as:


This is still the same, but you can also use the following:

[ziggeoplayer video=”VIDEO_TOKEN”]


[ziggeo video=”VIDEO_TOKEN”]

All of them will load a player on your website. Want to customize it? With templates, your WordPress video player is created by simply adding the following:

– seeing that myVideoPlayer is the name of the template:

[ziggeoplayer myVideoPlayer video=”VIDEO_TOKEN”]

Do you love simple [ziggeo] tag instead? That is OK. It will work like that as well. Just change it to:

[ziggeo myVideoPlayer video=”VIDEO_TOKEN”]

– Starting with version 1.13 you can also view your videos in video wall template. To see more about it, do check out its section bellow.

= Video Uploads =

You want to allow uploads? Want to turn them into playable videos right after uploading? This has never been easier – you simply set the recorder to allow uploads, or use our predefined uploading template (*[ziggeouploader]*) and you are good to go.
All videos uploaded through the same would be possible to be played back for you.

Instead of setting up the Ziggeo embedding to allow video uploads to your WordPress plugin you can also simply call the uploader (plugin) template as so:


Do you want to style it to some specific setup? That is possible, simply set it up with a template as so (seeing that our “uploads” is the name of the template):

[ziggeouploader uploads]

As with video player and Ziggeo video recorder, you can set up your uploader using the base template:

[ziggeo uploads]

= Video Wall =

Were you interested in having an option not only to collect videos in your comments, but to show them as well? Something like a video gallery?

Well, if you are thinking “oh, that would be so nice” – we hear you! We also want to say that that is exactly what we did. As per your requests, we have thought of a way to introduce video walls that work with just a few lines in any part of your post or page.

So what happens is that you add a call to your video wall template like so:

[ziggeovideowall myTemplate]

As you do, your post will show the wall as per template setup, which means that you could do one of the following:
1. Show video gallery / video wall as soon as the page finishes loading
1. Request for video to be posted as a comment on the post to see the video wall
1. Show a message if no videos are present – or show another template instead.

* Yes, you read that correctly. If you show your video wall, and you want to show a template within it – that is possible allowing you to quickly add more videos.

By default the video wall will show you the videos made on the specific post (the one it is on), however if you wish to show videos from other posts or that are not associated yet with your WordPress, you can do that as well through videos_to_show parameter.

You can read more about Video Wall templates on the following useful links:
[Introduction to VideoWall on our blog](http://blog.ziggeo.com/2016/06/13/videowall-the-best-way-to-easily-show-a-video-gallery-on-your-wordpress-based-website/)
[Introduction to showing videos from other post on our forum](https://support.ziggeo.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/212117427-VideoWall-parameters-introducing-new-changes)

= Templates =

Ziggeo plugin is now powered by templates allowing you to quickly set up the template in the “template builder” part of the plugin and then simply reference from your posts, pages and comments. There is no limit in the amount of templates you can have and it is up to you how you will use them.

You can also set default templates for your comments – for playback and recording so we got you covered there as well.

You have already seen some of the examples above, and to see their full power, you should definitely check them out for size.

= How templates work =

Templates are an easy way for you to set your parameters for recorder, player or uploader (at this time) and set it only in one place. In the same time this is done through a simple to use ‘tool’ next to the templates editor.

When the embedding is detected in your posts, pages or comments, our plugin will go through it and find what you wanted to show and how you wanted to show it.

There are several base templates:

1. Any embedding

2. Ziggeo Video Player

3. Ziggeo Video Recorder

4. Ziggeo Video ReRecorder

5. Ziggeo Video Uploader base

6. Ziggeo Video Wall base (Video Gallery)

The only reason why we created them is to allow you to use a simple tag in your post to specify what you are after with specific parameters being loaded for you.

Please check FAQ section for some of the questions related to the same.

= Improvements and Feedback =

If you experience any issues with the plugin, please let us know. You can do that through options shown in plugins *Contact Us* tab, or if you were in contact with us before, just let us know in the same manner as before, or over our [Ziggeo Forum in WordPress Plugin section](https://support.ziggeo.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200753347-WordPress-plugin).

We value your suggestions in regards to all aspects of our service and plugin as well, so use this and don’t be afraid to help us help you.

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