Zara 4 Image Compression

Optimise and compress your images automatically with [Zara 4]( “Zara 4”).

By optimising, resizing and compressing photographs on your website, you can dramatically reduce the amount of data visitors to your website download.

Less data to download equals faster loading pages, reduced bandwidth usage and less storage space on your servers.

Zara 4 combines intelligent image optimisation and enhanced compression techniques to deliver images that display faster.

= Features =

* Automatically optimise images as soon as you upload them. You can select which thumbnails you want to be processed.
* Existing images can be compressed individually or batch processed by using the bulk action ‘Compress with Zara 4’ from the WordPress Media Library.
* Restore your original images at any time. Your original uncompressed images are preserved but hidden from your Media Library.
* All image compression is handled by Zara 4 servers. Your servers aren’t placed under extra load processing images.
* You can use your Zara 4 API credentials on an unlimited number of sites or blogs.
* View your usage from WordPress. Account usage is shown as graph from your Zara 4 Settings page.
* This plugin requires access to cURL to communicate with the Zara 4 API.
* No compilation is required. No additional binaries are required. This plugin does not require root access
* Supports JPEG and PNG images up to 16MB.

= Getting Started =

1. Install the Zara 4 WordPress plugin into your site.
2. [Register]( “Zara 4 registration”) your free account at
3. Obtain your account [API credentials]( “Zara 4 API Clients”) to connect you to Zara 4.
4. Copy your API credentials into the Zara 4 settings page on your WordPress.

= Plans and Pricing =

Get started with Zara 4 for free! Simply install the plugin and [register]( “Zara 4 registration”) now.

We offer various [pricing plans]( “Zara 4 Pricing”) suitable for all users big or small.

Need more? If you are likely to process more than 6000 images per month, [contact us]( “Zara 4 Contact”) for a customised quote. We can provide maintained dedicated servers to meet your needs.

Worried about privacy? We also provide maintained “on site” servers that can run from inside your internal network. [Contact us]( “Zara 4 Contact”) for more information.

= Contact us =

If you have any problems / questions please contact us at and we’ll do our best to help.
Any feedback or suggestions for improvement / feature requests are always welcome.

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