(YouTube Favorite Video Posts)

YouTube Favorite Video Posts works in the background to grab videos you mark as favorites in YouTube. The feed is parsed into
new posts in WordPress and videos are automatically embedded in the content of those posts.

Once this data is available, you can add support to your theme to display your latest favorite videos for your readers.

Settings are available for:

* YouTube Username
* The most important. From this the plugin will determine the RSS feed to use for your favorites.
* Embed Width & Embed Height
* These values are applied to the embedded iframe code that is inserted into your post content.
* Max Items To Fetch
* If you aren’t a regular YouTube favoriter, you may want to reduce this so that your server doesn’t process the same items over and over again.
* Post Type
* By default a new custom post type for YouTube favorites has been added. You can change this to any of your other custom post types or the WordPress default ‘post’.
* Default Post Status
* Choose to publish the new posts immediately, or save them as drafts for later processing.
* Feed Fetch Interval
* Defaults to hourly, but can be changed to any interval registered with your WordPress setup.

Filters are available for:

* ‘yfvp_new_video_embed_code’ – Alter or replace the video embed code before the new post is created
* ‘yfvp_new_video_item_title’ – Alter or replace the video title before the new post is created

Checkout the [example code for the new filters] (http://jeremyfelt.com/wordpress/2012/05/12/filters-in-youtube-favorite-video-posts).

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