**WordPress YouTube embeds and galleries can be customized in a wide variety of ways with this plugin. Here are a few recently added features:**

* YouTube Channel and Playlist Gallery – The ability to make playlist (and channel) embeds have a gallery layout. By default, the plugin can generate a grid-based [responsive playlist or channel gallery >>]( Your visitors can browse through pages of video thumbnails and choose from videos that are pulled from an entire YouTube channel or playlist.
* Auto continuous play for playlist and channel gallery embeds
* YouTube Live Stream – Given a link to a YouTube channel, the plugin wizard automatically finds a live stream if one is active in that channel and generates the embed code for you. On the settings page, you can also set defaults of what to automatically display if a live stream is not active at a given moment. For example, you can have your site display a gallery of a channel’s entire video library so that users can have something to watch in the meantime. We hope it’s a time saver.
* Improved accessibility by using title attributes for screen reader support. It should help your site pass functional accessibility evaluations (FAE).
* Improved ajax theme support
* Site origin information with each embed code as an extra security measure. In YouTube’s/Google’s own words, checking this option “protects against malicious third-party JavaScript being injected into your page and hijacking control of your YouTube player.” We especially recommend checking it as it adds higher security than the built-in YouTube embedding method that comes with the current version of WordPress (i.e. oembed).
* Easy “Insert” button for both the Visual and Text mode of the editor
* Embed an entire channel as a (non-gallery, single embedded player) playlist
* Start video settings for playlist embeds. You can now choose to start a playlist with a specific video or have the plugin automatically start with the most recently added video.
* [Volume level initialization]( – helpful when autoplay is checked
* iOS playback preferences
* Automatic localization/internationalization so you can set the player’s interface language from English to another
* Instant HTTPS support. It can even convert past non-HTTPS videos to HTTPS. Did you know that Google uses HTTPS/SSL support as a ranking signal for SERP?
* “At a Glance” direct access to your YouTube posts/pages
* Shortcode support for embedding multiple videos on one line
* General playlist embedding support
* Default HTML5 YouTube player support
* YouTube plugin migration support

**Click the Download button to start exploring now, or take a look at some details below.**

This plugin helps you easily manage the growing complexity of YouTube embedding. It provides a spectrum of basic and advanced features of the YouTube embedded player and will have you posting videos in seconds after installing it. **All you have to do is simply paste an unformatted YouTube link on its own line (shortcodes are also supported).** Your YouTube embeds will then show up when you preview or publish the post.

The settings page has plenty of default options that you can automatically apply to all your embedded YouTube videos:

* Make your videos, galleries, and live streams responsive so that they dynamically fit in all screen sizes (smart phone, PC and tablet)
* Modest branding – hide YouTube logo while playing (note that the YouTube watermark is shown instead)
* Turn on/off all annotations by default
* Automatically center all your videos
* Automatically start playing your videos
* Autohide controls until hovering
* Loop your videos
* Show/hide related videos at the end
* Show/hide the video title and other info
* Use the light theme
* Show/hide player controls
* Turn on/off closed captions by default
* Use “opaque” wmode

Customizations can be also made to each YouTube embed by adding more to the link as shown below. Adding these will override the above global defaults that you set:

* width – Sets the width of your player. If omitted, the default width will be the width of your theme’s content. Example: `”″`
* height – Sets the height of your player. If omitted, this will be calculated for you automatically. Example: `”″`
* vq – Set this to `hd720` or `hd1080` to force the video to play in HD quality, if available. Example: `”″`
* autoplay – Set this to 1 to autoplay the video (or 0 to play the video once). Example: `”″`
* cc_load_policy – Set this to 1 to turn on closed captioning (or 0 to leave them off). Example: `”″`
* iv_load_policy – Set this to 3 to turn off annotations (or 1 to show them). Example: `”″`
* loop – Set this to 1 to loop the video (or 0 to not loop). Example: `”″`
* modestbranding – Set this to 1 to remove the YouTube logo while playing (or 0 to show the logo). Example: `”″`
* rel – Set this to 0 to not show related videos at the end of playing (or 1 to show them). Example: `”″`
* showinfo – Set this to 0 to hide the video title and other info (or 1 to show it). Example: `”″`
* theme – Set this to ‘light’ to make the player have the light-colored theme (or ‘dark’ for the dark theme). Example: `””`
* autohide – Set this to 1 to slide away the control bar after the video starts playing. It will automatically slide back in again if you mouse over the video. (Set to 2 to always show it). Example: `”″`

You can also start and end each individual video at particular times. Like the above, each option should begin with ‘&’

* start – Sets the time (in seconds) to start the video. Example: `”″`
* end – Sets the time (in seconds) to stop the video. Example: `”″`

> **About [YouTube PRO](**
> If you like this free version, you may even upgrade to a separate Pro plugin with features like:
> * Full visual embedding wizard
> * Alternate playlist and channel gallery styling (list layouts and slider layouts, popup/lightbox player, and more)
> * Caching to avoid making frequent requests to and speed up your page loads
> * Automatic video thumbnail images: each post or page that contains at least one video will have the thumbnail of its first video serve as its featured image
> * [Lazy loading YouTube embeds >>]( with eye-catching effects and animations
> * Automatic tagging for video SEO
> * Automatic Open Graph tagging for Facebook
> * Deleted video alerts (i.e., did Google remove or take down videos I previously embedded?)
> * Mobile compatibility checking (i.e., see if your embeds have restrictions that can block your site’s mobile visitors from viewing)
> * Alerts when visitors from different countries are blocked from viewing your embeds
> * Priority support
> You also get access to our deleted video alerts to help avoid showing embedded videos that are later removed from You even get an embedder-centric [analytics dashboard]( that adds view tracking to each of your embeds so that you can answers questions like:
> * How much are your visitors actually watching the videos you post?
> * How does the view activity on your site compare to other sites like it?
> * What and when are your best and worst performing YouTube embeds?
> * How much do the producers of the YouTube videos you embed rely on **your site**, versus other sites and, for views?
> * Are you embedding videos that are blocked in other countries?
> * Have your visitors tried to view a page and/or gallery on your site with deleted/unavailable videos?

See more details after installing. Enjoy!

[Maintained by EmbedPlus for YouTube >>](

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