YourChannel: YouTube channel on your website

Do you create or curate YouTube videos? Now turn your website with YouTube links into an engagement platform.

You don’t need more storage or bandwidth, and your visitors hate leaving the webpage they’ve already loaded, so why don’t you show your videos and playlists in your own website.

Tell this plugin your YouTube username or channel ID and it’ll setup your channel in your own property.

**What it displays :**

* Banner image, profile picture and username.
* Total videos and views.
* Single videos.
* Uploads.
* Playlists (lists videos on that playlist on click).
* Banner image in footer.
* All of above are optional. You can choose what to display.
* Default color accent Black & White.

**Features :**

* Easy visual builder with live preview which generates shortcode that looks like `[yourchannel user=”user”]`.
* Play video in Lightbox or Inline.
* 7 video thumb styles.
* RTL support.
* Beautifully responsive (IT’S 2017).
* Font icons.
* Feature suggestions are implemented quickly.
* Smooooth transitions.
* Shortcode works in page, posts or custom fields.
* Loads files only if shortcode is present.
* Quick translation form for UI terms (Videos, Playlists, Loading… etc.).
* Translation ready.
* Autoplay option.
* Easy shortcode instructions in post editor.
* Cache system for fast loading.

**[Much more features are available in PRO version](**

Don’t let visitors leave your site for YouTube.


**[Video tutorial in Spanish](**

**Support :** We’ll respond to your issue within 2-18 hours.

Write to us at **support [at]**

**Note :** This plugin cannot list unlisted videos/playlists.

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