Yoplayer is a Flash and HTML5 video player for your website which, in addition
to being able to play video files, can also play HTTP Live Stream format video
(The format used by iPad and iPhone).

The Yoplayer plugin for WordPress allows you to quickly and easily surface your
content from yospaceCDS into your WordPress site without having to write any
Javascript or embed any objects!

Simply insert a yoplayer tag, with the miid set to the Media Item ID and fid
set to the Feed ID from your yospaceCDS account and the plugin does the rest.

If you have more than one video, set up a feed and pass your yospaceCDS master
feed ID to the yoplayer tag to create a fully CSS styleable playlist.

For ease of use, parameters which are often the same, such as fid and skin,
may be set to site-wide defaults configured through the settings page.

Yoplayer features:

* Automatically supports Web (Using Flash), iOS and Android (Using HTML5).
* Playback video files (So long as the browser or flash supports them)
* Google IMA advertising (Supports virtually all VAST and VPAID advertising)
* Playback HLS video streams, both Live and VoD. (1)
* CEA608 and WebVTT Closed Captions (HLS Only) (2)
* Client side interactivity for server side advert insertion (3)

(1) Playback from yospaceCDS. Other domains require a licence.

(2) Requires a licence.

(3) Requires a licence and content delivered using yospaceCDS.

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