Yada Wiki

Yada Wiki provides a wiki post type, custom tags and categories, an index, and a table of contents option. The plugin allows you to link your wiki pages together using the wiki page titles.

There are two easy to use shortcode buttons available on the editor toolbar. Rather than try to remember the shortcodes and their values, it is recommended that you use these buttons to generate the shortcodes for you.

**The “Add Wiki Link” Button:**
When you click the first button, the add wiki link button, a pop-up opens where you enter the title of the wiki page you are linking to in the “Link” text box. You can optionally enter text into the “Show” text box that you want to show for the link, or leave that blank to just show the title.

When you click “OK”, a shortcode is inserted into your edit window at the cursor location. For example to link to a wiki page called “How To Make Iced Coffee” but show the text for the link as “How To Make My Favorite Drink”:

[yadawiki link=”How To Make Iced Coffee” show=”How To Make My Favorite Drink”]

You use Wiki Link shortcodes to create the structure of linked pages.

**The “Add Wiki Listing” Button:**
The Add Wiki Listing button gives you three options for adding some collected output.

*Output TOC Page*
The first option inserts a shortcode that will output your “TOC” page. With Yada Wiki, you can create a special wiki page with the title of “TOC” that will serve as the table of contents for your wiki. You can use wiki links and style the table of contents as you like in the post editor. Selecting this option allows you to embed the TOC page in another page. For example:

[yadawikitoc show_toc=”true”]

*Output Wiki Category*
The second option inserts a list of the wiki pages for one of your wiki categories. You can optionally choose to output the list by title or by creation date. For example:

[yadawikitoc show_toc=”true” category=”Drinks” order=”title”]

*Output Index*
The third option inserts an index of your wiki pages or categories. The output is in a responsive table-like grid and you can choose the number of columns. For example, to output wiki pages:

[yadawiki-index type=”pages” columns=”4″]

An example for listing all wiki categories by title:

[yadawiki-index type=”all-categories-name” columns=”3″]

**Sidebar Widget:**
There is also a Yada Wiki widget for showing the TOC page and a list of article titles for a given category in the sidebar. Please see the FAQ section for information about using the sidebar widget.

Documentation is available at https://www.webtng.com/yada-wiki-documentation/

The FAQs below also have good information.

**Video Walk-through:**
This video provides a walk-though of all of the features:


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