XOVI Wordpress Suite

Maximize your traffic with a minimum of effort. Use the power of professional search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
Optimize and compete most valuable keywords with our SEO software efficiently.
Manage your online marketing budget intelligently and successfully.
Do not rely on your gut feeling, but on the latest and historical facts and figures by a professional SEO Analysis!
Whether webmasters, shop owners, SEM / SEO Agencies, Search Engine Optimizer, customers of SEO – / SEM agencies and decision-makers within online marketing – about 1500 Xovi customers already improve their own online marketing efforts and thus enjoy enduring succes by doing so.

This Plugin connects your Blog to the XOVI-API to get current and useful SEO data, including SEO-Trends, Rankings, Backlinks, Keyword Monitoring, indivudual reportings.
It is thus possible to check your essential SEO data within your Wordpress Blog itself. You don’t have to leave your Blog in order to evaluate the success of your SEO strategy.
Furthermore you can also display the data of the XOVI Wordpress Suite on your dashboard.

= SEO-Trends =
* Graph of the current OVI trend
* Graph of the current domain trend
* Graph of the current Static OVI trend

= Rankings =
* List ranking pages of your blog
* Show Chart of certain keyword you’re ranking with

= Lost Keywords =
* List lost keywords of your blog

= Won Keywords =
* List won keywords of your blog

= Subpages =
* List all subpages of your blog

= Rankingvalue =
* See the monetary amount of your blog

= Backlinks =
* List the backlinks of your blog
* Including backlink source and target, anchortext, title of website
* Additional information: Internal and external links of your backlink source plus position of your website

= Keyword Monitoring =
* List daily updated rankings about certain keywords
* Show position and number of results in charts[1]

= Individual Reportings =
* List all downloadable reports you created at XOVI
* Get one or more PDF Report[2]

*1) You must have added those keywords at XOVI*
*2) You must have created at least one report at XOVI*

= Social Signals =
*List the visibility of your blog in different social media networks

= Requirements =
The Only thing you need is an account at [XOVI](http://www.xovi.de).
In your XOVI account you get your api-token, being the necessary key to connect XOVI with your Blog.

After you deposited your api-token and a domain you want to monitore,
this plugin will automatically connect to the XOVI-API to recieve the following data about the domain:

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