XML File Export Import for Stamps.com and WooCommerce

= Introduction =

XML File Export Import for Stamps.com and WooCommerce Plugin helps you to easily export and import orders in your store with Compatible to Stamps.com XML. It is super simple!

Export Orders into Stamps.com XML File.
Import Orders from Stamps.com XML File into WooCommerce Store.
After import, Create USPS Shipping Labels (United States Postal Service) using Stamps.com Desktop Client.
You can create Shipment Labels for any other Stamps.com Supported Services.
Import the order data like Tracking Number, Postage Cost back to Your WooCommerce Site.

= How does it work? =

The XML File Export Import for Stamps.com and WooCommerce takes Stamps.com XML File as input. You must create a Stamps.com XML File from Stamps.com Application with the order details in a structured format as explained in the tutorial.

You can create Stamps.com XML File from the scratch or you can export the file from Stamps.com Application. After entering all details about orders in XML, you can import into your WooCommerce store. It can update Tracking Service , Tracking number , Postage Cost …etc. With this plugin, you can Simple export and download order details as a Stamps.com XML input file.

= Premium version Features =
Stamps.com XML File Export Import for WooCommerce

Support for Endicia, UPS Worldship and FedEx.
Filtering options while Export using Order Status, Start Date, End Date, Offset and Limit.
Export orders right from the WooCommerce Admin Order Listing page.
Import and Export orders from/to remote location via FTP.
Excellent Support for setting it up!

Please visit Order XML File Export Import for WooCommerce for more details

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