xili re/un-attach media

This plugin named – xili re/un-attach media – adds *Unattach*, *Reattach* new actions in Media Library Table list to manage attachments in the File column just after *View* action.
In single page to edit Media, a metabox about linked post and the new actions.
This plugin is only active in admin (dashboard) side.

Link to [Github by dev.xiligroup](https://github.com/dev-xiligroup/xili-re-un-attach-media “and other xili plugins or themes in dev”).

Link to [other plugins made by dev.xiligroup](http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=xili&sort= “Other xili-plugins”).

Link to [latest infos about dev.xiligroup, multilingual child themes of bundled themes, plugins…](http://2014.extend.xiligroup.org/) – in english, french and german..

German translation by YogieAnamCara of [sensorgrafie](http://www.sensorgrafie.de)

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