(XCID – Beans rewards for Woocommerce)

* Reward your customer for referral, loyalty, social and more.
* Get started in seconds, no need of any coupon code engine.
* Automatically notify customers by email and in the mobile app* (Iphone/Android).
* Beans is one platform to reward your customers for everything that matters to your business: Referral, Loyalty, Social and more.
* Check out the full list of rules

Beans is easy to install (no need of any coupon code engine), easy to setup, super simple to use and integrate seamlessly in your shop. You have total control over the styling.
Beans is also available* on iPhone and Androids.


* Install any rule in a few clicks
* 5 Themes available to customize your reward program page.
* Advanced customization available with CSS: You have full control. It’s your website.
* Create your own rules
* Customize your beans name
* Email notifications for your customers
* Make manual credit or debit from Beans admin interface
* Powerful analytics to help you measure your performance
* Set maximum discount per order
* Fraud detection system

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