Special Text Boxes

Adds little style sheet file and short code to blog for highlighting some portion of text in post as colored boxes. That may be warning, alert, info and download portion of post’s text.

Available languages:

* English
* Russian
* Italian by [Gianni Diurno](http://gidibao.net/)
* Belarus by [Fat Cower](http://www.fatcow.com)
* Uzbek by [Alisher Safarov](http://www.comfi.com)
* Polish by [Daniel Fruzynski](http://www.poradnik-webmastera.com)
* Arabic by [مدونة رسين](http://www.r-sn.com/wp/)
* Dutch by [Rene](http://wpwebshop.com/blog/)
* Ukrainian by [official ukrainian localization team](http://wordpress.co.ua/)
* German by [Renate](http://www.bhvnederland.nl/)
* Czech by [Stanislav Čihák](http://www.abacomp.cz/)
* Turkish by Serhat ESEN
* Slovak by [Branco](http://webhostinggeeks.com/blog/)
* Traditional Chinese by 断青丝
* Spanish by [Andrew Kurtis](http://www.webhostinghub.com/)
* Swahili by [Andrew Mwaniki](http://purehcgdietdrops.com/)

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send **.po** and **.mo files** to me (minimus AT simplelib.com) so that I can bundle it into **Special Text Boxes**.

Real examples of outputs you can see on the [plugin page](http://www.simplelib.com/archives/wordpress-plugin-wp-special-textboxes/)

[Compare feature set](http://stb.simplelib.com/info/compare-stb/) of different editions of the STB plugin and choose exactly what you need.

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