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> The fact is, every prospect is going to visit your website. But **less than 2% of web visitors ever fill out a form.** This means most potential customers are invisible to you – even the best sales leads. Research shows that often these prospects are 65% of the way though the decision process by the time they finally do engage with your company.

VisitorTrack is a real-time application for B2B organizations that lets you **see who’s on your website** and exactly what they’re looking at. Detailed **information about companies and the people who work there** are provided without any registration action. With VisitorTrack you can convert anonymous website visitors into sales leads. This helps you connect sooner with potential customers, and puts your sales team back in control of the buyer decision journey. Use this WordPress plugin to generate a VisitorTrack account, start a free trial, and to add the tracking code into your website’s pages.

Learn More how VisitorTrack Works in this Brief Web Video Demo


#### Top VisitorTrack Features ####
* **ID Companies Visiting Anonymously** – Track and identify new prospects on your website
* **Detailed Contact Records** – Names, Titles, Phone, Address – even emails for the best contacts
* **Pinpoint Buyer Interests** – Fully customized scoring identifies the companies and web behaviors leading to sales
* **Buyer Journey** – Unlike web analytics, correlate specific companies with how they reached your site, their referring site, search engine, direct hit and available keyword data
* **Automated & Custom Reporting** – Create, save and automate reporting to pinpoint active prospects
* **Real-Time Alerts** – Identify the best prospect opportunities and deliver intelligence to the right sales rep for timely follow-up
* **Dynamic Filtering** – Visits from ISPs, bots, crawlers are removed leaving valid company visit data
* **Affordable Pricing** – Using a Software as a Service model there are plans to fit every budget and business size
* **Integration** – Hook VisitorTrack into over 500 apps like, Hubspot, Constant Contact and more

#### How to Use VisitorTrack ####
* Uncover the companies who are ‘most active’ on your website, over time
* Pinpoint visits to specific web pages
* Identify the competitors, prospects, vendors, investors, and partners coming to your site
* Create and automate custom reports based on your criteria
* Receive real-time alerts notifying you of high-value web visits
* See the visitors to a ‘web form’ who abandon
* Download contact lists and integrate record details into CRM, Email and Marketing Automation

####VisitorTrack is a service provided by netFactor Corporation####
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#### “It’s Like Caller ID for Your Website ®” ####

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