Upload your videos to [vid.me](https://vid.me) using our iPhone app, Android app, or our website. Then embed them to your WordPress site using the video URL or video ID.

= About Vidme =

[Vidme](https://vid.me) is the fastest and easiest way to upload videos – no account needed. No need to rely solely on YouTube or Vimeo to host the videos on your WordPress site.

Vidme lets you upload unlimited videos with or without an account – perfect for quickly adding videos to your WordPress posts.

= Vidme WordPress Plugin =

With the Vidme WordPress plugin, you can easily add videos to your WordPress posts using nothing but the URL.

Choose any video from [vid.me](https://vid.me/explore), or create your own! Copy the video URL and paste it to your post text editor. Then simply click over to the visual editor to confirm that it loads properly.

Alternatively, you can embed videos to your content using the `[vidme id=””]` shortcode and the video ID.

= More Information =

For any questions or more information, please [contact us](https://vid.me/feedback).

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