Video Importer

Easily define all the video sources you like to post on your WordPress blog and let Video Importer take care of the rest. In addition to importing past videos when you create a new source, Video Importer will check your sources for any new videos once per hour.

Adding a new source isn’t just easy, it’s also flexible enough to meet your needs. Choose between YouTube or Vimeo, choosing the type of feed, and then entering the username or ID. You can also set the post type, add categories and tags, choose the author and more for each source you’re importing.

Works with:


* User Uploads
* Playlists (limited support)


* User Uploads
* Groups
* Channels

= Video Importer Pro =

Development of [Video Importer Pro]( is underway! Buy today and get access to all the new features as they become available.

= Video Thumbnails =

Fully compatible with our [Video Thumbnails]( plugin.

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