Versitile jQuery Slider

The Versatile jQuery Slider helps you set up an easy, versatile, responsive slider with images or any HTML content. Powered by [jQuery Cycle2](

I’ve often looked for a good plugin that would allow me to quickly and easily add the jQuery Cycle2 plugin to a site, but I couldn’t find any good ones… so I built this. Basically, the Versatile jQuery Slider (VJS Slider) is a wrapper that pulls in most of the available options into a shortcode for easy use. So you’ll want to check out the [jQuery Cycle2 options]( to know what is available.

The nice part is, the jQuery Cycle2 scripts are only loaded on the pages that they are used on, and only the necessary scripts are loaded. So if you need the carousel plugin, it will automatically be added in if the `fx` attribute is set `carousel`. You need to center vertically? Set the `center-vert` attribute to `true`.

Easy as that!

= Demos =
Check out the [demos page](

= Parameters =
VJS Slider has some unique paramaters that jQuery Cycle2 doesn’t have. Also there are a some changes to a few of the jQuery Cycle2 parameters. [Check them out](

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