WP Vegas

A fullscreen background slideshow plugin based on Jay Salvat’s Vegas Background jQuery Plugin. You can see a working demo at http://vegas.jamesdbruner.com/

What Can This Plugin Do?
You can use it to

* Create a fullscreen slideshow
* Create a fullscreen background (single slide)
* That’s about it… It does use the new media uploader and you can drag and drop your images to rearrange them which is kind of cool.

This plugin does one thing and one thing only, to keep it small yet fully functional.

For a list of cool new features in **version 2.0** check out the Changelog

About the Shortcode:

There are 8 parameters total that you can use with this shortcode. The **ID** being the only one that’s absolutely **required**.

List of parameters:

* id
* fade
* delay
* overlay
* arrows
* autoplay
* poster
* random

[vegas id=”565″ fade=”2500″ delay =”4500″ overlay=”http://mydomain.com/urloftheimage/” arrows=”yes” autoplay=”yes” poster=”yes” random=”yes”]

**NOTE FOR THEME DEVELOPERS:** This plugin makes use of both *wp_head()* and *wp_footer()* so if your theme is missing either you may experience issues using this plugin.

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