(User Redirects)

User Redirects provides an easy method of redirecting links, by entering the previous url and new url. It redirects the older links to new links.

= Features =

* Allows your user to come to new url, if they tried older one
* Can add multiple new urls for single one old url

= Links =

* [Plugin’s web page](http://www.shubhcomputing.com)
* [FAQ](https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-redirects/faq/)
* [Support forum](https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/user-redirects)

= Get involved =

* Developers can contribute to the source code on our [GitHub repository](https://github.com/shubh-admin/user-redirects).
* Users can contribute by leaving a 5 stars [review](https://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/user-redirects).

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