(Ultra Facebook Timeline)

Ultra Facebook Timline is a plugin for displaying facebook feed on your site. You can show news feeds from the page or multiple page at same. Create unlimited timelines and display via shortcode. This plugin uses Facebook Opengraph API so its highly customizable. It comes with amazing options so you can adjust according to your site theme.

[LIVE DEMO](http://photontechs.com/awesome-social-icons/ultra-facebook-timeline/ “Awesome Social Icons”)

Features :
* Get feeds from multiple pages at one time *
1. Unlimited timelines.
2. Easily add Facebook Feed using the shortcode.
3. Much color options.
4. Set Limit Number of Posts.
5. Uses facebook video player.
6. Set limit number of words in a post content.
7. Set limit number of words in image post content.
8. Display any where you want via shortcode.

Shortcode will be generated from facebook timeline post.

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