TK Google Fonts

= Fast Pageload =

The plugin only loads the fonts you select. This is good for your page loading times, as you want your site to load fast.

= Easy to use UI =

We have build a native UI so that selecting your Google Fonts is a joy.
Fancy previews of every font and your custom text for font testing!
Easy adding and removing of fonts with just one click.

TK Google Fonts will automatically add the selected fonts to your site.

= Use via WordPress Customizer =

Simply use the new options that appear in the WordPress Customizer
to apply the Google Fonts to your titles, body text or blockquotes.

= Use via CSS =

You can then use the fonts in your CSS without any extra step needed.
Follow the instructions on the Google Page how to integrate your font.

= Use within theme options =

If your theme supports TK Google Fonts in its theme options,
your selected fonts will be offered in the theme options there!

See a list of which themes support TK Google Fonts more down the page.

= Customizable and extendable =

TK Google Fonts can be your Google webfonts core plugin.

Use TK Google Fonts in your theme or plugin settings page to let the user select fonts for the different post parts like (title, text, menus,…)

All ThemeKraft Themes support TK Google Fonts 100% and every font will be immediately available in all font selectors of the theme options.

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