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[Social Offers](http://www.socialintents.com/social-offers.html) is a social plugin that displays an overlay offering incentives like PDF’s, music, templates, coupons, or files as rewards for social actions.

Quickly build your Facebook and Twitter audience and email lists with little or no additional effort. Our Solution also includes Live Chat with Slack, Email List Builder, and Conversion Popup with each account!

Social Intents offers a 100% Free Trial.

Questions? Contact us at [www.socialintents.com](http://www.socialintents.com/social-offers.html). We’d love to hear from you.

** Features**

* Fully functional social plugin
* Facebook and Twitter Support
* Offer PDF’s, Coupons, or other Files
* One time use or recurring coupons
* Custom background images
* Custom targeting rules
* Customize offer details
* Automatic Popup
* Exit Intent
* Multi-Language support
* Unlimited conversions
* Custom logos and branding
* Awesome support

**Other Widgets and Plugins We Offer**

We also have Email List Builder, Live Chat, and Conversion Popup apps available that can be used to grow your social audience and power your sales.

To learn more about Social Intents visit us at [socialintents.com](http://www.socialintents.com/social-offers.html).

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