Slider Pro

Slider Pro is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress slider plugin that allows you to create professional and elegant sliders. This slider plugin was built with user experience in mind, striving to provide a clean and intuitive user interface in the admin area and a smooth navigation experience for the end-users. The lite version of Slider Pro allows you to create simple image sliders which are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Available features in the lite version:

* Fully responsive
* Touch support
* Clean and intuitive admin interface
* Preview sliders directly in the admin area
* Drag and drop slide sorting
* Inline information for the admin settings
* Captions
* Add links to images
* Keyboard navigation
* Mouse wheel navigation
* SEO-friendly
* Publish sliders in any post (including pages and custom post types), in PHP code, and widget areas
* Caching system for quick loading times
* Optimized file loading. The JavaScript and CSS files are loaded only in pages where there are sliders
* MultiSite support
* Unlimited slides in a slider and unlimited sliders
* Localized for translation
* No ads

If you need more features or simply want to support the development of the Slider Pro plugin, you can upgrade to the full version. You can read more about the full version of [Slider Pro]( at [](

Additional features in the full version:

* Animated and static layers, which can contain text, images or any HTML content
* Load images and content dynamically, from posts (including custom post types), WordPress galleries and Flickr
* Pagination for the panels
* Retina support
* Lazy loading
* Deep linking
* Conditional images
* Lightbox integration
* Full Width and Full Window support
* Carousel layout
* Auto height
* Fade effect
* Breakpoints for changing the slider’s settings at different screen sizes
* Action and filter hooks
* Import and export sliders

These videos demonstrate the full capabilities of the plugin:

Check out the [playlist]( for more videos.

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