Recent Posts Slider

**Plugin Demo:** [RPS Lite Demo](

Recent Posts slider displays your blog’s recent posts either with excerpt or thumbnail image of first image of the post using slider.

You can customize the slider in many ways (width, height, post per slide, no of posts to display & more).

**Plugin Demo:** [RPS Pro Demo](

> **Upgrade to RPS Pro to get the features listed below**
> * Responsive
> * More Customization options for pagination position & arrow
> * Four different templates to showcase your recent posts with slider
> * Easy color pickers to change background & text color
> * Multiple slider on a same page of with different theme, width, height, category & posts setting
> * Random Posts

It creates the thumbnail of either the first image from the post or of featured image. If you want to create a thumbnail of a specific image add a custom field as rps_custom_thumb and specify image path as value.

If you have a feature that you would like to get added in future versions, feel free to contact me at

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