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This plugin allows you to put a Quote of the Day Widget right on your Website Pages anywhere you want by using our Site2Quotes Widget that will display amazing quotes everyday right on your website that will inspire thousands of visitors on your website everyday with fresh quotes.

Site2Quotes Widget updates automatically every day, right on your site and you can choose your own quote category for the Widget Like Love Quotes, Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Can’t decide which category you like best? No problem! Can Add Multiple Widgets of different types on same page and have option to customize the quotes display and appearance like you want to show Quotes as Image or Plain text.

[Site2Quotes](http://site2quotes.com) is world’s best quotations web portal and you can expect a fresh Quote of the Day that educates, entertains and inspires your visitors on website.

= Features =
* Widget allows you to place a Quote of the Day anywhere in your wordpress website
* Widget automatically adapts to the theme of your page
* Widget has more then 20 categories to choose from that gives fresh quotes of the day everyday
* Site2Quotes Plugin allows you to place multiple widgets on your same page with any category
* You can also Customize the Appearance of Quotes to show them with beautifull image in the background or just a simple plain text

= Quote of the Day =
Happiness is a direction, not places.

Read more at http://site2quotes.com/quote-of-the-day

= For more information =
To learn more about the plugin, visit our [Quotes Widget](http://site2quotes.com/widgets) page on our website or you can also send us a email to support@site2quotes.com

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