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Due to the extensive library of WordPress plugins available, the admin menu can become unwieldy very quickly. Quick Toolbar can help.

Are you constantly digging into menus and sub menus to access the same admin and plugin links? Using Quick Toolbar you can add them as Quick Links to the admin toolbar at the top of every admin page, giving you easy access to the pages you frequently use.

Along with adding admin and plugin links, Quick Toolbar gives you the option of adding custom links to the toolbar.

= Summary of Features =
* Add admin and plugin links to the admin toolbar.
* Add custom links to external pages to the admin toolbar.
* Toolbar links are visible on the front-end to logged in users.
* Links are not displayed if the current user doesn’t have the correct permissions.

= Future Additions =
* User and role specific links.
* Editing custom links.
* Rearranging links in the toolbar.
* ‘Add to Quick Toolbar’ button on all admin pages.

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