Quick Drafts Access

By default in WordPress, accessing the drafts listing of any given post type (including posts and pages) in the admin requires multiple clicks. Then filtering the drafts listing by a particular user (generally to view only your drafts) additionally requires some non-obvious manual URL hacking.

This plugin allows you one click access to all drafts, as well as to just your drafts, of each post type via the main admin menu.

In addition, the plugin provides a count of the number of current drafts for that post type in the link (i.e. the link could read “All Drafts (3)” to indicate there are three drafts for that post type, and “My Drafts (1)” to indicate you only have one draft for that post type).

When the user is responsible for all of the drafts of a given post type (and the “My Drafts” link is not disabled via a hook) then only the “My Drafts” links will appear. It would be redundant to show both the “All Drafts” and “My Drafts” links in this situation. This behavior also ensures only one link is present for single-author blogs.

Also, the draft link(s) only appear for users who have the capability to edit posts of that post type.

The plugin hides the two types of draft links when no related drafts for that post type are present. See the Filters section for how to override this behavior. Filters are also provided to disable the plugin from ever showing the “All Drafts” or the “My Drafts” links.

Links: [Plugin Homepage](http://coffee2code.com/wp-plugins/quick-drafts-access/) | [Plugin Directory Page](https://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-drafts-access/) | [Author Homepage](http://coffee2code.com)

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