(Social QR Code Scan Me Anywhere)

Automatic generate Quick Response Code (QR) for your blog and allowed user quickly scan the QR code and find out more information about your blog or website.

This plugin make the QR Code hidden with short URL and display only when reader need to scan. It’s save space on your blog or website while still using images.

= Supported Social Profile =
* Google+
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Youtube
* Flickr
* LinkedIn
* Pinterest
* Myspace
* WordPress
* Delicious
* Sina Weibo
* StumbleUpon

= Sites used this plugin =
* Patrick, http://patrick.bloggles.info/
* PerfectCodes, http://perfectcod.es/
* PerfectsCook, http://perfectscook.com/

= Feedback =
* I am open for your suggestions and feedback – Thank you for using or trying out one of my plugins!
* Drop me a line [@mypatricks](http://twitter.com/mypatricks) on Twitter
* Follow me on [my Facebook page](http://facebook.com/patrickchia)
* Or follow me on [+Patrick](https://plus.google.com/110166843324170581731/) on Google+
* Leave your comment on [my blog](http://patrickchia.com/)

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