(Pricing Tables)

Pricing Tables is one of best and smart looking free pricing plugin for wordpress, easy to use and customize to display anywhere in your wordpress site page or post or via php code by shortcode. its pure CSS3 and HTML pricing table packs.

you can control column width and color to match your current themes and website color as well as another great feature to add background image for pricing table area and you could add your own background image via image file link.

Details and Support

Plugin Features

* Unlimited Pricing Table Using easy shortcodes (`[wpt id=”123″]`)
* Featured column.
* Hover zoom effect.
* Custom width for column.
* Unlimited column color.
* Unlimited numbers of column & row.
* Unlimited Background Image for Table area, use your own.
* Top and bottom gradient or flat background.
* Custom background image for blank field.
* Table column margin.
* Tooltip text.
* Different ribbon to column(to mark featured, best, new, save, hot more…).
* Corner radius for column.
* Easy Admin Panel.

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