Post Snippets

> Create custom shortcodes and reusable content and insert them in into your posts and pages.

This plugin lets you build a library with snippets of HTML, PHP code or reoccurring text that you often use in your posts and pages. You can use predefined variables to replace parts of the snippet on insert. All snippets are available in the post editor via a button in the Visual mode. The snippet can be inserted as defined, or as a shortcode to keep flexibility for updating the snippet. PHP code is supported for snippets inserted as shortcodes.

= Features =

* **Insert** All defined snippets is inserted from a button directly in the post editor.
* **Shortcodes** You can use this plugin to create your own custom shortcodes.
* **PHP** A shortcode snippet can optionally be processed as PHP code.
* **Buttons** The snippets can be found in the (visual) WordPress editor with a button and in the HTML editor with a quicktag.
* **User-friendly** Easy to use ‘Manage Snippets’ page where you can add, edit and remove snippets.
* **Variables** Each snippet can have as many custom variables as you like, which can be used on insert.
* **Import/Export** Snippets can be imported and exported between sites.
* **Documentation** Full documentation is available directly from the help panel in the plugin (top right in WordPress).
* **Uninstall** If you delete the plugin from your plugins panel it cleans up all data it has created in the WordPress database.

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