Portfolio Slideshow

= Simple, Responsive Slideshows In Seconds =

Portfolio Slideshow adds a simple slideshow builder to posts and pages on your site. Its drag-and-drop interface lets you upload, reorder, edit, delete, or add more images “on the fly” right on the page; it makes it almost *fun* just to play around with.

Once you’ve arranged your images as you see fit, simply drop the `[portfolio_slideshow]` shortcode anywhere in that post or page, and voila – an elegant, customizable, responsive slideshow will appear on your site.

= Clean and Intuitive UI =

Nobody likes a cluttered admin, or gaudily-designed plugins. Portfolio Slideshow blends seamlessly into the default design of the WordPress admin. You might forget that you’re using a plugin in the first place, and not something built into WordPress by default!

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