Pojo Custom Fonts

Please Note: This plugin is for [Pojo Framework][1] users only.

With Pojo Custom Fonts you can add an unlimited number of custom fonts to your Pojo theme, with full integration to your Customizer’s typography fields. All this with no CSS knowledge or coding required.

To upload a new font, select its name and add 4 of the font’s file types:

* woff
* ttf
* svg
* eot

Then you can choose the new font from the font list in your theme’s Customizer.


Would you like to like to contribute to Pojo Custom Fonts? You are more than welcome to submit your requests on the [GitHub repo][2]. Also, if you have any notes about the code, please open a ticket on this issue tracker.

[1]: http://pojo.me/?utm_source=wp-repo&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=custom_fonts
[2]: https://github.com/pojome/pojo-custom-fonts

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