PG Context Sidebar

Use this widget to show content in any sidebar that is related to the current page or post. Have a targeted message or call too action that relates to this page.

* If the page is advertising a product put details of special deals.
* If post is a tutorial then you could put details of prerequisites.
* Add a quote relevant to your article that displays in the sidebar.

Sometimes you want to display a promotion in the sidebar when you display a particular page, or highlight a quote or reference that is particularly relevant – but only to that page.

Simply enter the extra content on your page when you create or edit it. Then place the widget into your sidebar where you want it to display.

If you don’t have content to display for a particular page then the sidebar widget is not shown.

= Features =
* Add extra content to any custom post type – select the types where you want to be able to enter information.
* Use html in your content for emphasis, images and links.
* Easily copy the content of one context sensitive sidebar page to another
* Use one context sensitive sidebar page as a template for others so that changes are instantly reflected everywhere it is used.
* Easily identify pages that have context sensitive sidebar information from the ‘all pages/posts’ view

Localisation: if you can provide a translation for the administration text then please get in touch and I will add a translation for the language you provide.

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