PDF24 Article To PDF

This plugin enables your blog readers to create PDF files of one or more articles in your blog. To realize that a little box is shown below or above
every article, in a sidebar, on the top or bottom of a page or wherever you want in your wordpress blog by inserting a peace of code in a template.

The plugin provides two modes to create PDF files. The first mode is the email mode. In that mode each box has a field in which a visitor
can enter an email address to which the created PDF will be sent. The second mode is the direct download mode. No email address is needed
in that mode. Each PDF box or each PDF link creates the PDF directly and the user can download the created PDF file.

A PDF box or a PDF link below or above each article creates a PDF file with the corresponding article only. A PDF widget box in the sidebar
or above or below all articles creates a PDF file with all articles on the current page.

The PDF boxes, PDF links and the format of the PDF file can be highly customized by CSS and templates. Furthermore you can configure a lot of
other parts of the plugin by editing the plugin settings which are provided in your Wordpress admin area.

Your server or your webspace, where your blog is hosted, does not need any special modules to run this plugin. Just install it and it will work.

Custom fields are supported. Look at the installation and FAQ section to get more information about that.

* Create PDF files of one or more articles
* Download the PDF file or send it to an email address
* Supports PDF articles bars, sidebars, top/bottom bars and PDF links
* The plugin and the PDF file is highly customizable
* No special server requirements needed
* Supports custom fields
* Easy installation without or with minimal template changes
* Get likes, shares and +1 via the PDF creation progress popup

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