Nomad World Map

For each location that is added to the map you can set the type of content you want to show. Either the excerpt of a blog post, a short custom description or only the travel dates.

The location content itself is shown in a carousel underneath the map. When you slide through the carousel the map will automatically zoom to the location that is linked to the visible content.

= Features include: =

* Create multiple independent maps
* Add multiple maps to the same page
* A sidebar widget that can show your last location
* Show a list of visited locations with optional arrival and departure dates
* Set custom thumbnails for each location
* Set custom line colors for the past and future travel routes
* Rearrange the order of the travel route by dragging the items up or down in the route list.
* Specify if you want the map to zoom to the first or last location of your travel route.
* Choose from three different content types for each location. Either link to a blog post, write a custom description or show the travel dates.


If you want to contribute to the development of this plugin, you can do so through [GitHub](

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