Nav Menu Manager

Simplifies nav menu maintenance and functionality providing more control over nav menus with less coding. The plugin is coded with efficiency in-mind and loads quickly with all settings enabled according to the [Plugin Performance Profiler](

= Site Menus =

* Collapse/expand functionality for easier nav menu maintenance
* Improved nav menu sidebar widget for better widgetized menus
* Easily register nav menus via the WordPress admin
* Fail-safe code helps add a layer of protection to the theme
* Disable already registered nav menus that won’t be used on the site
* **wp_nav_menu** code generator for quick theme implementation

= Menu Settings =

* Add a global active class for all active nav menu items
* Exclude default ID attributes from all nav menu list items
* Include custom fields on nav menu items for ID, query string and/or anchor
* All settings are optional and disabled by default

= Compatibility =

* Compatible with other great plugins like [Nav Menu Roles](
* Uses a customized **Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit** class with minimal added functionality

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