NextGen NivoSlider

NextGen NivoSlider allows you to create a [NivoSlider]( as a widget or with a shortcode.
This plugin uses the ‘NextGen Gallery’ plugin to obtain the images using tags or gallery IDs.

NivoSlider is a great responsive image slideshow that is highly customizable. With a large array of effects and many additional options you are sure to find a combination that will suit your website.


– [NextGen Gallery Plugin](


NextGen NivoSlider has been completely overhauled and is continually being added to. It currently supports all the of NivoSlider’s original functions and even has some extra’s!

* Responsive!
* Fully integrated with NextGen gallery
* Theme support
* Automatic URL linking (put a mailto:, http://, ftp:// or local / into your alt text)
* Extra effect(s)
* Shortcode and Widget support
* Touchscreen support (experimental)


You can use the following parameters in the [ngg-nivoslider] shortcode.
Defaults, where applicable, are shown between parentheses (), available options between brackets [].

– title: Title for slider. Leave blank for no title. (ex: title=”My Slider”)
– gallery: Leave blank to use all galleries or choose a gallery to use. (ex: gallery=”galleryid”)
– order [random”|”asc”|”desc”|”sortorder”]: Order to display results in. You can choose; Random, Latest First, Oldest First, or NextGen Sortorder. Random will still work when a page is cached. (ex: order=”random”)
– tags: comma separated list of tags to filter results by. (ex: tags=”tag1, tag2″)
– shuffle [boolean]: If order is random and this is true will shuffle images with javascript. Useful if your are caching your pages. (ex: shuffle=”true”)
– max_pictures: The maximum amount of pictures to load. (ex: max_pictures=”6″)
– html_id (“slider”): HTML id to use. Defaults to ‘slider’. Needs to be different for multiple sliders on same page. (ex: html_id=”custom-slider”)
– width: Width to use on slider. (ex: width=”200″)
– height: Height to use on slider. (ex: height=”150″)
– center: Centers content in container. Requires width to be set. (ex: center=”1″)
– resize: Resizes the images using TimThumb(v2). Available options are: (ex: resize=”3″)
1 – Resize to Fit specified dimensions (no cropping)
2 – Crop and resize to best fit the dimensions (default)
3 – Resize proportionally to fit entire image into specified dimensions, and add borders if required
4 – Resize proportionally adjusting size of scaled image so there are no borders gaps
– resizewidth: The width TimThumb will use to resize the image (sc: resizewidth=”800″)
– resizeheight: The height TimThumb will use to resize the image (sc: resizeheight=”600″)
– resizebg (“ffffff”): The color (denoted in hex) to use for the borders that are generated when using resizing option 3 (ex: resizebg=”a0fb69″)
– caption [“alttext”|”description”|”both”]: Show a caption with the slide, showing either the alttext or description as set up in NextGen gallery or both as “Bolded AltText – Description”
– htmlcaption: HTML formatted caption to show on all images (ex: htmlcaption=”Title Welcome to this website“)
– showgallerytitle [boolean]: Display the gallery title (ex: showgallerytitle=”true”)
– showgallerydesc [boolean]: Display the gallery description (ex: showgallerydesc=”true”)

**Nivo slider settings:**

Please check the NivoSlider website for [more details](

– effect: What effect to use as transition. You can specify sets like: ‘fold,fade,sliceDown’. See list below for available effects.(ex: effect=”sliceDown,sliceUp”)
– slices: The amount of slices to divide the image to for the slice effects(ex: slices=”3″)
– boxCols: Amount of columns to split the image into for the box effects (ex: boxcols=”10″)
– boxRows: Amount of row to split the image into for the box effects (ex: boxrows=”8″)
– animSpeed: Slide transition speed in milliseconds (1000ms = 1 second). (ex: animspeed=”300″)
– pauseTime: Time to pause in milliseconds (1000ms = 1 second) before continueing to the next image (ex: pausetime=”5000″)
– startSlide: Set starting Slide. It’s 0-index so use 0 for the first slide. (ex: startslide=”3″)
– directionNav [“true”|”false”]: Whether to display the Next & Prev controls or not. (ex: directionnav=”true”)
– controlNav [“true”|”false”]: 1,2,3… (ex: controlnav=”setting”)
– controlNavThumbs [“true”|”false”]: Use thumbnails for Control Nav if set to true. (ex: controlnavthumbs=”true”)
– thumbsWidth: Resize thumbnail to this width. Recommended to set if using thumbnails. (ex: thumbswidth=”20″)
– thumbsHeight: Resize thumbnail to this height. Recommended to set if using thumbnails. (ex: thumbsheight=”20″)
– thumbsContainerHeight: Height for thumbnails container. Calculation should be ‘number of thumbnail image rows’ x ‘thumbsheight’. (ex: thumbscontainerheight=”20″)
– thumbsGap: Gap between thumbnails. (ex: thumbsgap=”5″)
– controlNavThumbsFromRel: Use image rel for thumbs. (ex: controlnavthumbsfromrel=”setting”)
– controlNavThumbsSearch: Replace this with… (ex: controlnavthumbssearch=”setting”)
– controlNavThumbsReplace: …this in thumb Image src. (ex: controlnavthumbsreplace=”setting”)
– keyboardNav: Use left & right arrows. (ex: keyboardnav=”setting”)
– pauseOnHover: Stop animation while hovering. (ex: pauseonhover=”setting”)
– manualAdvance: Force manual transitions. (ex: manualadvance=”setting”)
– prexText: Text to display for previous (ex: prevtext=”prev”)
– nextText: Text to display for next (ex: prevtext=”next”)
– randomStart [“true”|”false”]: Start with a random slide (ex: randomstart=”true”)
– captionOpacity: Universal caption opacity. (ex: captionopacity=”setting”)
– disableCaptions: (ex: disablecaptions=”1″)
– beforeChange: (ex: beforechange=”setting”)
– afterChange: (ex: afterchange=”setting”)
– slideshowEnd: Triggers after all slides have been shown. (ex: slideshowend=”setting”)
– lastSlide: Triggers when last slide is shown. (ex: lastslide=”setting”)
– afterLoad: Triggers when slider has loaded. (ex: afterload=”setting”)

**Nivo Effects:**

– random
– sliceDown
– sliceDownLeft
– sliceUp
– sliceUpLeft
– sliceUpDown
– sliceUpDownLeft
– fold
– foldReverse
– fade
– slideInRight
– slideInLeft
– boxRandom
– boxRain
– boxRainReverse
– boxRainGrow
– boxRainGrowReverse

**Shortcode examples:**

– [ngg-nivoslider html_id=”about-slider”]
– [ngg-nivoslider title=”Hello” gallery=”1″ html_id=”about-slider” width=”200″ height=”150″ center=”1″]
– [ngg-nivoslider html_id=”about-slider” directionnav=”false” controlnav=”false”]
– [ngg-nivoslider tags=slideshow order=”random” effect=”fade” shuffle=”true” max_pictures=”12″ html_id=”slider” resizebg=”fdfdfd” resizewidth=”900″ resizeheight=”620″ resize=”3″ center=”1″ directionNav=”false” controlNav=”false” pauseTime=”10000″ animSpeed=”1000″ pauseOnHover=”false”]

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