Nextend Facebook Connect

Check the [DEMO]( on our site.

Also we created a [Social Connect button generator]( for this plugin. This allows you to create fancy login buttons.

Personally, I hate to fill out registration forms, waiting for confirmation e-mails, so we designed this plugin for our website. Now, we want to share this very usable plugin with everyone, for free!

**Why should you choose Nextend Facebook Connect plugin from the many social plugins?**

* If your visitors have a Facebook profile, they can register your site with a single click, and later to log in too.
* The previously registered users can simply attach their existing Facebook profile to their account, so in the future, they can logging in with the one social button.
* The plugin has multiple desings, so it fits all kind of websites smoothly and elegantly.
* The plugin supports Facebook profile picture as avatar.
* Very simple to use.
* Fast and helpful support.

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#### Usage

After you activated the plugin, the plugin will automatically

* add the login buttons to the WordPress login page. See screenshot #1
* add the account linking buttons to the WordPress profile page. See screenshot #2

#### Advanced usage

**Simple link**

Click here to login or register with Facebook

**Image button**

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